Talent ID Days

Talent ID Days

Our Talent ID Days allow young players the opportunity to showcase their talents to our Elite Development

Girls Only –
U9 & U10s – 1 Week trial period
Any chosen Friday 17:15-19:00
Boys Only –

Friday 17th November – Under 6/7’s (School Year 1 & 2) https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/EDA_U6_U7_TalentID

Friday 24th November – Under 8’s (School Year 3) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U8s-TalentIDSession-Friday24thNovember
Friday 8th December – Under 10’s (School Year 5) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U10s-TalentIDSession-Friday8thDecember
Friday 15th December – Under 11’s (School Year 6) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U11s-TalentIDSession-Friday15thDecember
Friday 12th January – Under 12’s (School Year 7) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U12s-TalentIDSession-Friday12thJanuary
Friday 19th January – Under 13’s (School Year 8) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U13s-TalentIDSession-Friday19thJanuary
Friday 26th January – Under 14’s (School Year 9) – https://www.participant.co.uk/wwfoundation/event/U14s-TalentIDSession-Friday26thJanuary
Friday 2nd February – Under 15/16’s (School Year 10/11)

Should you have any questions or need any further information about our Talent ID Days then please free to contact our Head of Sports Participation, Kirk Williams by emailing kirk.williams@wwfc.com

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