Visions, Mission, Values


An active, healthy, educated and connected community.


Put Wycombe Wanderers Football Club at the forefront of supporting local people and communities to thrive.


Wycombe Wanderers Foundation passionately believe in making Wycombe Wanderers Football Club a force for good within High Wycombe and the surrounding areas, and appreciate the need to further the reputation of the football club brand at all times. By doing this we’ll be better placed to maximise our positive contribution to our local communities. Wycombe Wanderers Foundation have adopted three values that those involved in or with the charity are committed to abiding by. In essence they are the core qualities and behaviours that will guide us on our mission and allow us to make our vision a reality.

  • We add value
    – To our community and to people’s lives…
    – To the team…
    – To our club…
    – To our growth and development…
    – To discussions and meetings

  • We are collaborative
    – Respectful of others, the environment and circumstances.
    – Seek out, listen to and hear other opinions and feedback…
    – We know that we is better than me.
    – We surpass expectations and make others feel valued and supported
    – Communicate effectively with all stakeholders

  • We are open
    – To new ideas and new destinations, but flexible in how we get there.
    – To different perspectives and opinions.
    – Honest, clear and concise.
    – Ambitious with our goals and have a never give up spirit.
    – To asking for help

  • We are positive
    – We check and challenge each other.
    – We are solutions orientated, we do the right thing.
    – We enjoy what we do and we share that joy with others.
    – We are decisive when needed.
    – We’ll always have a go!

As a charity we are heavily reliant on community donations and fundraising.

Thank you for your interest in contributing, anything you donate will 100% go directly back into your local community, increasing our reach and our impact.

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