Female Refugee Skateboarding

Female Refugee Skateboarding

As part of our Premier League Kicks provision, we are delighted to be delivering groundbreaking new skateboarding sessions, aimed at young female refugees within High Wycombe and the surrounding areas, working with Wycombe Refugee Partnership.

The aim of the project is to bring females together in a relaxed and fun environment, allowing them to try a sport that they may not have previously had the opportunity to get involved in. We hope that the sessions will bring opportunities to build new friendships, as well as realise the physical benefits that skateboarding can facilitate, improving confidence and resilience along the way! 

Sessions are led by a professional skateboarding coach from Skateboard Academy UK. All equipment (including skateboards, pads and helmets) are provided free of charge. 

If you or someone you know is part of the local refugee community, female and aged between 11-18 years old, come and kickstart a new adventure with us and shred your way to new skills and friendships. Let’s roll into a healthier, happier, more inclusive community together.

Sessions take place on Wednesday evenings, 5-6pm at Millbrook School. For more information, please contact Luke Godfrey at luke.godfrey@wwfc.com.

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Luke Godfrey

Head of Inclusion & Cohesion luke.godfrey@wwfc.com

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