Future Goals Programme

Future Goals Programme

Primary Future Goals Mentoring

The Wycombe Wanderers Foundations Primary Future Goals Mentoring Project centres on supporting children within the classroom and individually to overcome their personal issues and challenges. The project specifically targets pupils who are disengaged with education, disruptive at school and who outside of school may be:

  • Low attaining and low achieving
  • Have poor attendance
  • Less inclined to complete homework
  • Are inactive
  • Have low self-esteem and self-worth

The programmes aim is to enable all children to flourish as they navigate their learning journey and provide tailored support to meet the needs of the schools pupils. The Wycombe Wanderers Foundation will work with the school to create a timetable for our delivery staff that ensures adequate time is given to each pupil our member of staff works with. The practical delivery of the project centres on supporting those children above through a variety of specially designed sessions in small groups with targeted pupils or individuals.

For more information on how we can support your school, please contact Kelly Rees at kelly.rees@wwfc.com

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