Sports Participation

Sports Participation

Increasing participation in sport & physical activity is one of Wycombe Wanderers Foundations four strategic aims.

The goal of our Sports Participation department is to play a leading role in the creation of a more active and physically engaged community.

We’ll achieve this by focusing our efforts on delivering activities and programmes that encourage physical activity and by providing opportunities to participate in sport regardless of personal and social circumstances.

The result of these efforts will hopefully lead to High Wycombe and the communities that surround it being more physically active and aware of the benefits of engagement in sport, with increased numbers of people meeting recommended levels of daily/weekly exercise and reduced numbers of people who are sedentary.

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Should you have any questions or comments you can email our Head of Sports Participation on or call the team on 01494 455736.

As a charity we are heavily reliant on community donations and fundraising.

Thank you for your interest in contributing, anything you donate will 100% go directly back into your local community, increasing our reach and our impact.

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