Issue 6 of the Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust’s Newsletter from August 2021 has its focus on change.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘All Quarters’ and “Listen, Learn, Adapt’ projects which focus on social change, as well as a deep dive into how we have been changing lives in ‘Changing Rooms’. We have also launched a new running group in partnership with Run Right coaching and Handy Cross Runners, called ‘Stepping Stones: The Basics of Running”. We are able to provide an update on our successful ‘Play Into Space’ Youth Club in association with Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire Council. Our Walking Football project with Age UK has hit the ground running! 

Plus, our new fundraising events are good to go, which should allow us to raise much-needed capital with which t continue our work in the community, on top of the launch of our prestigious ‘Friends of WWSET’ campaign which links with local businesses. 

Lots to read about! Click here to read in full. 

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