WWF Celebrates Female Staff on International Women’s Day

As the world marks International Women’s Day, Wycombe Wanderers Foundation is proud to celebrate its female staff members who are an integral part of the organisation’s success. Women around the world are recognised on this day for their achievements and strides towards equality.

WWF are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone has equal opportunities to grow and succeed – our female staff members are an important part of this commitment. It is clear that women have and still do face unique challenges and unjust barriers to professional success, and in providing a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers everyone, we are taking an important step forward.

Our female staff members occupy a variety of roles across the organisation, from trustees to delivery officers to our accountant and apprentices. On this International Women’s Day WWF celebrates their achievements and recognise the barriers they have had to overcome to achieve them. And in a traditionally male dominated sector, whilst there is progress, there is also a lot more to do.

Wycombe Wanderers Foundation can and will do more.

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