World Book Day

Bodger loves to read! Bodger loves to read anywhere! Bodger loves to read at any time! Bodger loves to read about real people and real events; he also loves to read stories, especially Roald Dahl!

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, Bodger and his friends from WWSET have produced a presentation sharing his love of reading and to inspire everyone (young and old) to read. 

Reading is key to happiness and success. Reading takes you to new places. Reading fires your imagination and introduces you to exciting worlds and adventures. The great thing is that there are books for everyone, whatever your interests.

As part of World Book day, Bodger will be visiting Carrington Junior, Oakridge, Disraeli, Beechview and Hamilton schools, to give children from those schools some brand new books, in association with the Premier League Charitable Fund and the National Literacy Trust, and to inspire them all to read.

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World Book Day

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