Primary Future Goals Opens Up Opportunities For Young People

Our first term of Primary Future Goals came to a fitting conclusion with a visit to Adams Park by Year Five from Carrington Junior School. Despite the cold weather, both pupils and staff greatly enjoyed a tour of the stadium, with the dressing rooms being a favourite place; along with a session of making Christmas decorations to hang on the tree at home.

They also took part in two sessions with very important messages: how to keep safe on the railways in ‘You v Train’ and how to be inclusive and not discriminate remembering that Everyone is in the game. All the sessions were expertly delivered by WWSET staff.

During lunch, all were treated to a light display from the new Adams Park floodlights!

The previous day, we finished the term with Year Six from Oakridge School. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to visit the ground, so we took the ‘You v Train’ and the Christmas craft activities into school. A games session also took place for all to enjoy.

All the pupils, from both schools, received a copy a ‘Bodger’s Christmas Challenge’ containing suitable fun football related activities.

The first term of Primary Future Goals, where the pupils have taken part in PHSE sessions covering the topics of teamwork, overcoming challenges, making the right decision and how to show respect, has been amazing and hugely successful.

When asked, “What is the best thing you have done in Future Goals so far?”

One of the children replied, Everything!

We look forward to returning to both Oakridge and Carrington for term two of the programme in January.

Primary Future Goals Opens Up Opportunities For Young People

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