Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust (WWSET)’s Premier League Primary Stars programme began its first week of delivery for the summer term this week. 

Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) is the Premier League’s flagship primary schools programme, aiming to provide teaching assistance to targeted groups of primary school children, as well as sports teaching support for classroom teachers.

PLPS has been developed and is managed by the Premier League Charitable Fund, a Premier League funded charity which aims to create positive and lasting sporting, health and education outcomes for children, young people and the wider community.

Available entirely free to every primary school in England and Wales, it inspires girls and boys aged 5-11 in the classroom, the playground and on the sports field.

The easy-to-use resources, which link to the national curriculum, have all been developed in partnership with primary school teachers and subject experts, including the PSHE Association and National Literacy Trust.

As well as the free online teaching resources, football clubs work with schools to help teachers develop skills and confidence in delivering PE lessons.

PLPS consists of 5 core elements of delivery, these are:

  • Targeted group numeracy interventions.
  • Targeted group literacy interventions.
  • Full class PSHE interventions.
  • Supporting teacher’s PE delivery.
  • Social Action groups to create positive social change.

As of Tuesday 27th April, our PLPS delivery staff have began their 10 week block of delivery in 4 schools across Buckinghamshire. Working closely with the schools across each of the 5 core elements of delivery to provide both teachers and pupils with a unique learning experience.

Billy Ready, WWSET’s Premier League Primary Stars Manager, has this to say about the first week of delivery:

“It has been great to finally get into the 4 schools and deliver the PLPS programme. This has been my first week of delivery of the programme since starting the role of PLPS manager in March, so it has been amazing to see the weeks of planning and preparation finally coming to life! The staff within the schools have been so receptive and welcoming this week, the children, as always, have been brilliant to work with. They have all made the transitional week easier for me. We have a lot of exciting ideas for PLPS over the coming weeks, I can’t wait to share them!”

WWSET deliver PLPS throughout the academic year. We have spaces available for your school to be a part of this programme. If your school would like to receive more information, please contact Billy Ready on,

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