It Takes A Village: My Brother, My Sister & Me

As part of our relationship with the Buckinghamshire Council’s fostering and adoption team, we are looking into some of the challenges that they face when recruiting new families. They are hosting a special online event named It Takes A Village: My Brother, My Sister & Me on 14th October, in which they aim to break down potential barriers and bust myths around the subject of fostering and adoption. 

It Takes A Village: My Brother, My Sister & Me


Ben and Hannah are a brother and sister aged three and four. Their little brother Archie is nine months old. They are happy children from Buckinghamshire who were taken into care after being exposed to a chaotic and neglectful life*.

Ben is attending nursery and has settled in well. Hannah started school in September, which she is enjoying. Both Ben and Hannah have settled well in their current foster home and are able to follow routines and boundaries. The pair enjoy playing with their toys, dressing up and visiting the local park. Archie is doing well in his current foster home, where he is currently with his big brother and sister. He is meeting many of his developmental milestones and has a good routine.

We need adoptive parents for children like Ben, Hannah, and Archie, who can provide them with consistency and security whilst allowing them to grow up together. It is essential for their wellbeing. 

Buckinghamshire Council needs foster carers and adoptive parents who can look after local children like Ben, Hannah, and Archie. We especially need local homes for brothers and sisters to prevent them from being separated, children from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, and children with more complex needs.

We are holding a special evening of discussion around this topic on Thursday 14th October at 7 pm. It Takes A Village III: My Brother, My Sister & Me is an online event and will feature interviews from our fantastic foster carers and adopters about the brothers and sisters they have cared for. You can sign up to attend the It Takes a Village webinar here

If you’d like to find out more about It Takes A Village, please click here

(*names have been changed and generic image used to protect identities)

It Takes A VIllage

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