Four Summer Signings in the GDA

Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust (WWSET) are delighted to announce that our Girls Development Academy (GDA) have had no less than FOUR of our girls signing for top local academies over the summer. 

In the under-12’s, Niamh Dobrowolski has signed for Oxford United.  

In the under-14 age group, Sophie Bishop and Lillie Brixby both signed for Reading FC, and Sadie Lake has joined Niamh at Oxford United.  

“My daughter, Sadie, has been attending Wycombe Wanderer’s GDA for the past 3 years and has enjoyed it thoroughly. The coaches were friendly, approachable and really supportive. Her time at Wycombe Wanderer’s GDA has given her the skills and confidence to attend trials at several RTC’s and has secured her a place at Oxford United’s RTC for the upcoming season.”

Everyone at WWSET wishes Niamh, Sophie, Lillie and Sadie all the best for their futures, and we will be sure to keep an eye out for their names in the coming years.

All girls have been with us for a good few seasons and all have been fantastic to work with and a pleasure to coach. If you can add that we wish them all the very best of luck with their footballing journies, contact GDA Manager, Lewis Bloom, at


Lillie Brixby
Lillie Brixby, of Reading FC


Sophie Bishop
Sophie Bishop, of Reading FC


Niamh Dobrowolski
Niamh Dobrowolski of Oxford United

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