Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust and Wycombe Wanderers FC, along with all other EFL Clubs, will come together on Tuesday 10 March to highlight the positive impact football has in changing people’s lives and the work taking place to tackle some of society’s biggest issues.

Across the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two, events will be held by Clubs on EFL Day of Action to showcase the very best programmes and activity they deliver in a number of important areas, including diversity and inclusion, education, and health and wellbeing.

The impact of the work carried out by EFL Clubs and their Club Community Organisations (CCOs) is unparalleled, with more than half a million hours of group activity delivered and over 40 million hours of participation each season.

During the 2018/19 season, almost 900,000 people took part in a wide range of activities across key areas, with Clubs and CCOs receiving over £60 million of direct project funding.

The EFL Day of Action aims to unite Clubs and CCOs on one day to celebrate and highlight the impact they have in their communities, bringing together the most unique projects and programmes being run across England and Wales.

Managers and players from the EFL’s Clubs will be attending events up and down the country on Tuesday to pay special visits to see participants in action and to provide their support to various projects.

Five EFL fixtures will also take place on the evening of the EFL Day of Action, with Clubs further supporting the day with warm-up t-shirts and in-stadium assets.

EFL Chairman, Rick Parry, said:

“Our Clubs have always had a unique position in the heart of their respective towns and cities and it is important that we celebrate the work they carry out, which improves lives and tackles some of society’s biggest issues on a daily basis. The recent study (…see below for more information) commissioned by the EFL shows that Clubs’ work in their communities is happening on a huge scale and starts to place a real value on this work, providing further insight into the impact of programmes provided. The hours committed by staff and volunteers at Clubs and CCOs, as well as the support from players and managers, demonstrates a remarkable commitment to improving lives up and down the country.”

Make sure you keep up to date with WWSET’s social media accounts on the EFL Day of Action to hear more about how we’re supporting the day.

*Measuring the Impact of EFL Clubs in the Community is a study commissioned by the EFL to survey all EFL Clubs and Club Community Organisations (CCOs). Specialist sport and leisure management consultants, Knight, Kavanagh and Page (KKP) have provided the unique study which demonstrates the breadth and depth of community support across the EFL.

The full study Measuring the Impact of EFL Clubs in the Community is available to view here.

About EFL:

The EFL (English Football League) is the world’s original league football competition. It is the largest single body of professional clubs in European football and is responsible for administering and regulating the Sky Bet EFL, Carabao Cup and EFL Trophy, as well as reserve and youth football. The EFL, EFL Trust and our member clubs are at the heart of communities across the country, providing shared experiences for all and using the power of sport to improve lives.

About the EFL Trust

The EFL Trust is the charitable arm of the English Football League (EFL) and is a national charity that uses the power of football to change people’s lives.

The EFL Trust’s vision is to create stronger, healthier, more active communities.


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