All-Quarters Project

All-Quarters Project

The All Quarters project is a collaborative initiative delivered in partnership by the Wycombe Wanderers family – Wycombe Wanderers FC, Wycombe Wanderers Trust and Wycombe Wanderers Foundation – following a successful application to the Premier League Fans Fund.

All Quarters Project Aims

The aim of the project is to engage with people from four underrepresented groups to improve the match day experience at Adams Park for existing and new supporters.

This aim will be achieved by the hosting of twelve ‘consultation & learning events’ at Adams Park over the 2021-22 season. These events will be used to gather feedback on people’s views of the Adams Park match day environment – for example is it inclusive, does it cater for needs depending on individual circumstances, how could the stadium be more welcoming or enjoyable?

This feedback will subsequently be used to try and make positive changes that will lead to a more appealing environment and an improved experience for all.

The four under-represented groups that the All-Quarters project is seeking engagement with are:

  • Women and girls
  • People with disabilities
  • People who are LGBTQIA+
  • People from minority ethnic backgrounds

Following the twelve consultation & learning events, which are very relaxed and informal in nature, the All-Quarters project will spend six months working with the under-represented groups to facilitate the creation of supporter groups or develop and grow existing ones.

Each month the consultation & learning events will focus on a wide range of topics and attendance is encouraged from anybody who identifies with one of the under-represented groups.

From August 2022 until January 2023 the sessions will switch to concentrating on the facilitation of the supporter groups.

The All-Quarters project has been funded by the Premier League Fans Fund which exists to support professional football clubs to:

  • Improve the relationship between their fans and the club
  • Improve the way football supporters engage with each other
  • Improve fans’ experience of the game

Upon the launch of the All-Quarters project Wycombe Wanderers FC Director Trevor Stroud had this to say:

“We’re extremely grateful to the Premier League Fans Fund for this grant and we’re sure it will allow us to make positive changes for the benefit of everybody who visits Adams Park. We’re a community club and initiatives such as this will enable us to truly connect with and provide for all our current and future fans which can only be a good thing.”

Wycombe Wanderers Trust Chairman Nigel Kingston added:

“This is a project that will see all arms of Wycombe Wanderers working together in order to ensure that the club and stadium really is for everybody – we’re really looking forward to the project beginning and hope that as many people as possible engage with it.”

For more information and to sign up to attend any of the monthly All Quarters events please email Wycombe Wanderers Foundation representative Luke Godfrey on

*Please note that although the All-Quarters project is focusing engagement on the named under-represented groups we would also welcome attendance at all events from anybody else who has an interest, regardless of whether they align with any of the four priority groups.

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