Fit Xtra

Fit Xtra

Fit Xtra is a weekly “bootcamp-style” physical fitness session that runs from 6.30pm – 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings at Millbrook School in High Wycombe.

The sessions were originally created to provide a sustainable exit-route for those people who had completed our FIT Chairboys programme but now welcome anybody interested in taking part in low-cost (£2.00 per session) group exercise with like minded other local people.

The sessions – which consist of a range of fun and engaging exercises such as circuit training, weight training, bodyweight exercises, creative walks and light runs – are open to anybody and all-inclusive.

All sessions are delivered by qualified Wycombe Wanderers Foundation staff as well as external health professionals.

We appreciate that taking part in group exercise sessions can be daunting for some people but please rest assured that our FIT Xtra sessions always place the emphasis on having fun whilst exercising and not on ability or prior experience.

Please see below which summarises when upcoming Fit Xtra sessions are scheduled to take place, along with links to book your place.

Book Your Place

Should you require any further information on the FIT Xtra sessions please contact Luke Godfrey by emailing or calling 01494 455736.

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