Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

Football Leadership Award

Our football leadership award is a 12-week course offered to cohorts of students in years 7 – 9.

The purpose of the course is to use children’s love for football to develop social and emotional skills that will enable them to excel beyond just sport. Our staff are flexible to deliver the course in a theory / practical / hybrid format and a sample of the workshops can be viewed below:

Football Coaching theme shared with children

Underlying social and emotional message

The life of a football coach

Staff introductions –  non-linear journeys as a professional and in their home life

Planning & preparation for a coaching session

Organising yourself, importance of routine

Delivering for the first time

Dealing with anxiety and building confidence

Being a coaching professional

Taking time away from distractions (mobile phone use)

Dealing with difficult behaviour during coaching

responsibility, empathy

Identifying talent

Aspirations, Reward

When a session goes wrong

Dealing with mistakes

Being an elite performer

Visit from professional football player

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Employability Days

We offer a range of inspiring workshops led by our club staff to give children a deeper insight into the range of roles involved behind the scenes within a football club. Students will have an opportunity to attend a range of workshops throughout the stadium and ask questions to members of the team that have included: Sports Science, Grounds Maintenance, Stadium Safety, Club Marketing, Club operations, Security, Food and coaching.

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