Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Our specialist team of educators have decades of experience in supporting local primary schools. Please see some of our projects including details of how to contact us to find out more.

Physical Education (PPA Cover)

We offer high quality Physical Education lessons in line with the National Curriculum using our specialist teachers and coaches who inspire children to love to learn in PE and create a fun and safe environment for children to develop physical literacy whilst stretching and challenging students to learn fundamental movement skills and build resilience when playing competitive games.

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Physical Education (Teacher CPD)

As a sustainable use of the School Sports Premium Funding provided by the DfE, our staff work alongside class teachers to inspire and develop confidence in teaching a range of activities in Physical Education. By building a relationship with members of staff, modelling and planning together, our staff can tailor their support to the needs of each teacher to develop their practise towards outstanding Physical Education.

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Stadium Visits

We provide educational stadium visits for schools as one-off events throughout the year. Each visit can be made bespoke for schools, but a typical day will consist of a behind the scenes look at Adams Park including photographs beside the pitch, dugout and changing rooms. Children will be engaged in a range of educational workshops selected by the school and the day is approximately from 10.00am – 2.00pm, with a visit from our very own mascot Bodger!

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Primary Future Goals

Kindly funded by Buckinghamshire Council’s Young Person’s mentoring grant, Primary Future goals focuses on positive engagement with young people who are in years 5 & 6. The project specifically targets pupils who are disengaged with education, disruptive at school, and who outside school may be:

  • Low attaining and low achieving
  • Have poor attendance
  • Less inclined to complete homework
  • Are inactive
  • Have low self-esteem and self-worth

The practical delivery of the Primary Future Goals Project centres around helping those children mentioned above, within the classroom and individually, to overcome their personal issues and challenges, therefore enabling them to flourish as they move forward.

Weekly delivery includes:
Class Session: Whole class PHSE session

Small group mentoring: With the targeted participants on a group basis (as agreed with the school, depending on need).

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Premier League Primary Stars Programme

The Premier League Primary Stars Programme (PLPS) is the Premier League’s flagship schools programme, aiming to provide support to schools in PE, PSHE Numeracy and Literacy through the lens of football.

The programme consists of one full-day of school support per week, providing bespoke classroom support for pupils and a detailed 10-week mentoring programme for teachers.

WW Foundation aims to provide children and teachers with the mentoring and engagement they require to thrive in a school and sporting environment, through the power of the Premier League brand.

We at WW Foundation want to be flexible with your school’s needs and circumstances. To do this, the Premier League Primary Stars Programme can be constructed to fulfil your school’s needs and to support where we can.

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